Global Energy Solution

Posted June 1st, 2011 by Stephen Ogunyiola

Global Energy SolutionThe unprecedented energy crises is a big challenge that many people around the globe are facing today. As more people are living on the planet, the demand for energy also continues to increase. The big problem is fossil fuel, which we have grown so used to living with and could no longer meet our growing needs. This has caused several scientists around the globe to develop an alternative energy that could solve the global energy crises through the invention of a Perpetual Mention Machine.

The Perpetual Motion Machine describes a hypothetical machine that operates or produces useful work indefinitely and more generally, which produces more work or energy than it consumes. The Perpetual Motion Machine can be so powerful that it could supply energy to an entire house with up to 7 kilowatts of power. In this manner you will no loner have to pay a monthly fee to power companies for energy consumption. In addition, you will no longer need to fuel any machine or automobile, as a result of the Perpetual Motion Machine basic principles of operation. Furthermore, you will not be effected by a power outage as the Perpetual Motion Machine will allow you to produce your own energy.

In conclusion, the Perpetual Motion Machine creates energy using basic laws and principles of physics to overpower some laws and principles in physics which are the major opposing force towards its perpetual function. This basic secret makes the perpetual motion machine have several advantages over alternative renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines. We can certainly predict that perpetual motion machines have the potential to change the way we live and will make life simpler and easier for the present and future generations.


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  1. Chris Dibor says:

    Hi, great info…..just a point of technical correction – there is no machine that can break the law of thermodynamics by producing more energy than it consumes. What you should say is the machine produces more useful work or energy than YOU the owner or user put into it by yourself, at some cost. This means that other sources of energy not controlled or PUT by the use contributed in the performance of the machine. This is the reason why scientists end up arguing – lack of clarity.
    Consider a solar panel, it may be 17% efficient relative to the total energy that hits it from the sun but since you the user did not input or pay for the sun’s power (it is free) then your co-efficient of performance is almost infinity! The earth is a perpetual motion ‘device’. so is the sea and most rivers. They are always moving. Now, just because you do not know what moves a thing does not mean that nothing is moving or energizing it.
    I am elated to see that some Nigerians are thinking beyond oil…

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