Ubiquitous, Affordable, Clean Energy

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Ubiquitous, Affordable, Clean EnergyThe basic need for ubiquitous, affordable, and clean alternative energy has been a major concern for individual industries and countries around the globe.

Over the years alternative sources of energy (such as wind turbine, biofuel, solar panels, etc.) were invented by scientists around the globe to meet the need for ubiquitous, affordable, and clean alternative energy. Ironically, we still gain most of our energy from nonrenewable energy sources, commonly known as fossil fuels.

The non-renewability of these resources has likely caused its prices to rise up to a point where they are no longer economically feasible. The major effect of fossil fuels to the environment has been the concern of individuals around the globe, the major effect on the environment is pollution.

Fossil fuel has brought about an increase in the rate of air pollution around the globe today, which has affected life and wildlife in various countries around the globe. Almost all fossil fuels used are through burning or combustion. Burning produces waste products due to impurities in the fuel, especially particulates and various gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen gas, and violent organic compounds. This waste byproduct  has affected our environment and people in many harmful ways.

Why are non-renewable energy resources still in use?

What then will be the energy alternative and the solution to the energy crisis around the globe?

These major questions have caused several scientists around the world to develop a more reliable alternative energy source that will meet the growing energy needs around the globe. The major solution to this global energy crisis is the Perpetual Motion Machine (PMM).

In conclusion, the PMM is no longer a scientific legend that is said to be impossible to create in the real world. There now exists the technology to turn this motion into energy  and through it we can live a better life. This is the greatest technological breakthrough regarding alternative energy of our time.

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