The Perpetual Car

Posted June 13th, 2011 by Stephen Ogunyiola

The Perpetual CarElectric cars are the greenest alternative in the personal transportation industry. They do not emit any (or much less carbon emissions than their conventional counterparts, but they do utilize questionable raw materials, such as the metal that is contained within the batteries. There are some major advantages to owning a green car but there are also some disadvantages. It is important to know all of this before you go out and make a purchase.

Electric Car Advantages
The advantages offered by electric cars are the following:

1. No Tail Pipe Pollution: The greatest advantage of an electric car is obviously the complete lack of emissions when operating on battery power. They do not use any fossil fuels internally, but are fueled completely by a rechargeable battery that does not have to be charged via a gas engine.
2. Reduced Maintenance Costs: The maintenance of electric cars is also much easier to handle when compared to their conventional counterparts.
3. Less Complex Technology: The electric motor in an electric car has approximately five moving parts, while it takes hundreds of moving parts to make a modern gasoline engine work.
4. Less Expensive Fuel Costs: Electric car fuel costs are less expensive than electric car fuel costs.

Electric Car Disadvantages
Despite their advantages, there are several disadvantages to owning an electric car:

1. Range Limitation: Almost all electric cars travel 50 – 100 miles before the batteries will need to be recharged. Of course, the kind of batteries, number of batteries, car weight, and transmission type (manual or automatic) impact driving range.
2. Recharging Infrastructure: Compared to gasoline stations, battery recharging centers are few indeed. Without an auxiliary generator your driving range often restricts you to local errands.
3. Replacement Cost: The cost of an electric vehicle battery may vary by a few thousand dollars based on the type and number of batteries required.
4. Battery Recharge Time: Depending on the kind of batteries and voltage and current available, some vehicles may be recharged in as little as 20 minutes while the vast majority of vehicles require overnight charging.

With the above stated disadvantages, should I use my money to purchase an electric car? Is it possible for an electric car to be perpetual? A perpetual motion solution would maintain the advantages offered by an electric car while eliminating the disadvantages.

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Akin says:

    It is possible…. Lets heal the damage.

  2. Mark Bertrand says:

    How much pollution are we reducing by switching from let’s say my ford to an averge electric car? And, how does that stand in relation to the overall pollution in the atomosphere. That is to say, how much of an impact is one person switching making on the overall pollution in the enviroment.

    • Saogunyiola says:

      Thanks Mark for your comment we do really appreciate it so much, I will like to ask you some major question that will give you the solution to your question. Have you ever been in a traffic jam. If yes, what is the exhaust produced by your car and all the cars in the jam. The major answer to that second question is carbon dioxide, which is the major factor enhancing the effect of green house effect. Everyone sitting in a traffic jam is inhaling carbon oxide which is a poisoned to the body. I will love you to read the next coming blog from the company blog because it will throw more light to the answer given to your question, Thanks.

  3. […] as a perpetual motion machine. 2. Finding other ways of powering our transport through the use of perpetual cars. 3. Stop cutting down trees and plant a million more. 4. Reduce, reuse, or recycle all kinds of […]

  4. purpy says:

    check this out mark. it only takes onee person. to influence another were waiting for the chain reaction when people finally realize theyre being controlle dby a government and car companys to willingly donate thier hard earnd money to gas companys and the govenment through taxes and regulations. these folks just might do some research and figure out the self charging electric cars are possible and easy to build. chain reaction if millions of folks switch to eletric millions of things change for the better in our envirorment all from one person who influenced another and so on

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