The Perpetual Motion Machine

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The Perpetual Motion MachineThe making of a Perpetual Motion Machine has always been a fantastic dream among individuals and scientists around the globe. The were many attempts throughout history with the same result.

The existence of the Perpetual Motion Machine has been generally accepted as being impossible according to the accepted laws of physics. In particular, most scientists believe that a Perpetual Motion Machine would violate the following physics laws:

1. The first law of thermodynamics (the laws of conservation of energy)
2. The second law of thermodynamics (entropy of disorder always increases)
3. Friction

With the principles of thermodynamics being so well established, serious proposals for a Perpetual Motion Machine are met with disbelief on the parts of most physicists, which make discussions on the merit of a Perpetual Motion Machine difficult, if not impossible.

The Greatest Technological Breakthrough
The Perpetual Motion Machine is no longer a scientific legend that violates the major laws and principles of physics. There also now exists the technology to turn this motion into energy and through it we can build a better life. This is the greatest technological breakthrough regarding alternative energy of our time.

In conclusion, the Perpetual Motion Machine is a new step in alternative energy technology. People who claim the effectiveness of the Perpetual Motion Machine to the public have discussed their environmental friendly nature and low cost as compared to other existing energy sources.

Photo Credit: The Rational Argumentator

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