Natural Gas As An Energy Source

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Natural Gas As An Energy SourceNatural gas is an extremely important source of energy for reducing pollution and maintaining a clean and healthy environment. The use of natural gas also offers a number of environmental benefits when compared to other sources of energy, particularly other fossil fuels.

When most people hear the term natural gas energy, they seem to think by using natural gas as an energy source they are helping the environment. This is not the case when one stops to consider how power is generated from natural gas.

In order for electricity to be generated by natural gas, it must be burned, which gives off emissions which are harmful to the environment. As you may imagine, large power stations which use natural gas as an energy source, must consume large amounts of natural gas each day. This results in a large amount of greenhouse emissions each year.

Environmental Effects Of Natural Gas Power Stations
Although this type of energy does burn slightly cleaner than other fossil fuels (such as coal and oil), it still pumps out a significant amount of carbon oxide into the air and this isn’t good for us, our environment, or the fight against climate change.

The more carbon oxide we pump into the atmosphere, the greater the greenhouse effect has on the earth. In this day we should be focusing on trying to curve the greenhouse effect by reducing the level of green house gases we produced.

The first steps to accomplishing this are to recognize the drawbacks of natural gas as an energy source and seek out cleaner alternative energy sources.

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